Super Fast Networks

Our Network

N. America: AS18978
Europe: AS57757
Carriers Used:
1.) Zayo (Above.Net)
2.) Level3
3.) nLayer
4.) ATT
5.) NTT
6.) Cogent
7.) ANY2
8.) Hurricane Electric
9.) Equinix
10.) FiberRing
11.) Local Peering

Carrier availability is varies in each facility. Please see each datacenter page for more information.


Providing enterprise grade services requires enterprise grade infrastructure. KVMVPS services the global community from several enterprise-grade locations and a world-class BGP network.

Network and Facilities

Each of our global facilities uses a unique design engineered to maximize uptime through systems designed to prevent, minimize, and mitigate disasters.

In each location special attention has been given to redundancy, stability, and security. Incoming detection systems and fire suppression systems keep the equipment you're using safe. Automated power supply (UPS) units and generators back the electricity from the public power grid to ensure uptime is maintained even when traditional power fails.

Which one is right for me?

All of our facilities have excellent uptime and reliability, so the main reason to pick one facility over another is for latency. By using the test IPs and network tools on each datacenter's page, you can determine which network is most suitable for you. Conventional wisdom is to pick a location that is geocentric to your userbase if your userbase is centered in a specific region. For example, if most of your server users are from Europe, our Amsterdam location is an obvious choice for your VPS.

If you need GEO dispersed services or if you need assistance with a more complex project like anycast or geographic failover, please contact our sales team for more information about what we can do for our clients.

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